mixing alcohol

JC wrote:

>>What are the legal issues in the UK regarding pub crawls on a unicycle?

Well, if anything, as usual, if any laws do apply, it’ll be the same as a
bicycle, a little while ago I heard you could be fined for being drunk in charge
of a bicycle… but then more recently I heard this was rubbish, which I agree
with since being fined for such an offence in Britain whilst driving a car is
quite serious, you will get “points” on your driving license, maybe a 1 year
driving ban, and a hefty fine to pay - all depending on the severity of the
offence. Of course to fine cyclists in this way doesn’t make sense since not all
have driving licenses. Can anyone confirm/deny this ? It suffices to say the
police would probably have you under some offence if you were being a danger to
others on/off road, but probably not a driving offence - we have an offence
called drunk & disorderly.

Myself I have ridden to the point where I can’t, notably one christmas here:
http://members.tripod.com/~igfs/unibeer.HTM And the other time I got back after
a pub/club session and couldn’t sleep and felt the need to go to the park 3-4am
or so. I couldn’t mount most of time and when I awoke with a bad head my uni
awoke with a few new “unecesary” bruises.

So what’s the moral kids ? There is none, I’m no preacher, the world turns
round, people drink, people don’t - you are your own person, you decide.


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