Mixed Sport Video

Hey Everyone-

This is a rather long video I’ve been working on for quite some time now. All of the uni footage has been in other videos, but edited MUCH differently! It is long, but I made it with the intention of making DVD’s, and still may, but my burning software/ menu rendering program is horrible and I can’t afford to keep wasting DVD’s:o .

Please comment, either here or on Vimeo. Sorry, no youtube this time…I’m afraid the 10 minute rule would block me:o.

For quick viewers…It is converting now…says ~10 minutes right now.

Edit: The Link May Help

Nice vid :wink: u have nice places to ride :smiley:

great video i’d like to ride in some of dem places

Thanks guys! All of the BMX/MTB/MX is at my house. Some of the uni is, but most of it is in random towns in my area.

Do you guys find that it keeps your attention and keeps moving, or is it lame and too long even with the mix. And remember, it was made for DVD which is easier to watch for longer than internet videos. I’m just asking as a test if i should do another one or a bunch of short ones.

Thanks again


great video by the way

How about in two or more parts?

Then I would have to split it in the editor, and re-render everything and that took like 3 hrs last time, and it finally worked after the third try so it really already took 9 hrs to render this.

Did you watch it on Vimeo?

Sorry, I didn’t realize it would take so much work:o

I can watch it at school. Finding a computer lab that’s open and in my schedule will be difficult, but not anywhere near as hard for me as it would’ve been for you.

Vimeo won’t work on your computer?

And Sorry bout that, I would try but my editor is garbage. If i had better software, I would try it for sure.

Great video.

You are such a great mtb’er and bmx’er. Wow, uniing was great too, liked some of that Muni, and great dirt biking.

Good video :slight_smile: