Mission Unicycles

I was passing my LBS the other day and saw that they had a 20" unicycle in the window, I was slightly taken aback when I took a closer look and saw that it was not the usual lollypop type LBS unicycle but a Nimbus II frame, Alex DX rim, “Onza Type” tyre but a really naff looking seat and cheap looking cranks and plastic pedals. It had a MISSION sticker where I would normally expect to see a Unicycle.com sticker. I do not know how much they were charging for it (No label and the shop was closed).

Having done a quick search on the web for mission unicycles, they seem to be LBS cycles but I have not found any reference to the trials set up that I saw.


Mission is a small company making trials bikes - I was talking to them a while ago about making a trials unicycle but the demand is too small for them justify the large cost of tooling up to do it. Since then both norco and Onza have produced unicycles and perhaps they’re trying to get in on the game at last.

Incidently they also re-sell the really poor tiwanese unis with the seat that folds up.