Mission Trials Uni?

Hey everybody!

Last summer i went on holiday to cornwall, I wasnt specificaly(?) looking for a unicycle but i found a trials uni for sale in a small bike shop. I was well into uni by this time but didnt have a uni of my own. (i always stole my lil brothers nimbus when he was at school!) In my exitement at the thought of owning my own trials uni, i forked out the £100 and bought it there and then. From then until now (and i still havent) i have never seen another uni the same, although iv heard of mission trials bikes. Its a good uni, I bent the stock cranks but iv now got a pair of alu qu-ax ones and they have been fine. The frame is made from oval tubing and its fairly lightweight. It seems like a good uni but i have never seen another one. Its a Mission trials uni, Does anybody out there have one?

Yours wonderingly
Edd Hawkes

P.S Sorry about the essay!

Oh come on! Surly im not the only person in the world with a mission trials uni? has anyone even seen someone else with one?

I’ve never heard of them

Heres a pic to jog your memorys

Mine has a KH seat, qu-ax cranks and Gusset pedals.

I was about to say that those are the worst looking parts on it. looks like you have an alexrim, and a luna tire. Very nice for the price you paid, but I personally don’t even look at nonsplined trials unis anymore.

yeah iknow what you mean, but mine only has the same frame and possibly rim as the pic. I have a creepy crawler tire, KH seat, qu-ax cranks and gusset pedals. I must admit the one in the pic looks like a pile of shite. It was mainly the price that drew my attention. I think with a host of new parts its an ok trials uni.

do u have gusset grind pedals???

how much did they cost and where did u get em from ?? cos i want a pair for my kh trials :slight_smile:

hey dude!
Yeah, i got my gusset grind pedals from a bmx shop but you can get them from UDC. their called Gusset full throttle. Hope this helps!

yeah that actually does help me, coz i thought they were called “Gusset Grind Pedals” i called the lbs and asked for them to get them in for me and they couldnt find them on the database, now i know its coz im using the wrong name !!

Thanx mate:)

No problem. It doesn’t look like anybody else owns a Mission trials uni! They must have sold more than one!

ahaha, i had the same thing with my old 20" i got from the lbs, ur lucky, urs has a brand name atleast, mine didnt even have one sticker to give me a sign of where it could be from!!

My local bike shop has this trials uni in the window, but I don’t think they’ve ever sold one. They do giraffes and a couple of other things too apparentely.

Is it a mission? I don’t know why no-one else has got one, i really like mine, i think its a great trials uni. Ok, admittedly the stock parts where a load of shit but with a couple of new parts its a good uni!

Hey you lot!
Iv finally got a picture of my Mission uni! Sorry its sideways!

Just an update! I found a trials biking forum and found a thread on mission trials bikes. Heres what they had to say…

Its not looking good! :frowning:
But mabey the Mission unicycles are better than the trials bikes?

Ride on!

that acttually looks pretty sweet for a nonsplied…it should hold up fine till you get some $$$ for a new hub/cranks

Thanks! Aswell as getting a new hub and crankset, iv just got a new rim due to splitting the one on my uni! See Here for details.

Ride on!

yeah i saw that before…so what hub/crankset are you getting

Will probably get the onza hub/crankset. I have it on my Muni and it feels solid.

Ride on!


Its on ebay! >>>>>>>>Check it!<<<<<<<<

Im going to ask the seller where they got it from!

Rock on!