Minnesota X-treme Pics

HI all, we had a good muni ride in Red Wing, Mn. today. Me, Tom, Gilby, Max, and Steve had a blast. There was some girls who rode too, but they rode off by themselves, so I really can’t coment on their ride. We rode for a couple hours, and there was plenty of snow to go around. I’ve got some pics and two videos posted here. Joe


snowmuni 001.jpg

Very impressive. But aren’t you supposed to shovel the path before you try to ride on it?

What??? Who needs a shovel, when you got a three inch Gazz pushing all that snow out of your way?:smiley: Plus, whenever I fell down, I would clear a lot of snow from the trail. Joe

Great pictures. Keep up the hard riding.
-DAvid Kaplan


Great pics! They’re particulary special to me, as I was in Memphis riding with the MUC- temperatures in the upper 90’s- at the same time; sure could have used some of that snow!