mine and musketman's video

Well I finally found out how to put video’s on the web.

Ok no this video was shot in Marquette and in Negaunee. Musketman (seth) is the one in the gray sweatshirt. Uni-steve5111 (steve) is in the blue jacket and red hat.

You might need to get out your reading glasses to see it, I dont know how to make it bigger yet but im working on it.

If you notice im in all the bloopers lol. I think im doing pretty well for only cycling for about 2 months.

well…here ya go http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=165725

I think I went blind trying to watch that video… it was like I was watching you guys ride your uni through the peephole in my front door. I couldn’t tell if you were pecking up a slope or sidehopping up stairs.

Let’s see a larger version, already! There are plenty of video nerds on these boards who can help you (although, sorry, I can’t)… so figure it out! I’m waiting… :slight_smile:

idk i cant figure out how to make it bigger.

I think it’s the camera we used it’s a crappy little one. It actually got ran over by a truck while making the movie. In the scene where we were riding across a bridge i had it in the middle of the road with a glove next to it thinking any cars that would come by would see it and try to not run over it…sure enough the first car runs it over it flew about 15 feet away from the glove luckly nothing happened to it.

but ya my mom said next time seth comes over she will get a really good camera from the school (she’s a teacher at the middle school) that should make it bigger cause if i make it bigger now the quality of it will be so bad you probally couldent make out what we are doing…

sweet! ur the best steve! hehe now we just got to get it to go bigger,because i ccould barely tell what was going on ther.

sweet! ur the best steve! /QUOTE]

I know…I know

I know I know

why you not at school today?

i stayed home sick :wink: