Milton keynes - street/trials ride

3 of us from leighton buzzard will be going to Milton Keynes to ride street and trials (badly, lol) on the 28th, which is the wednesday after next.
we’ll be at MK train station for around 10am but can meet anybody else later in the day. if anybody local wants to come down it would be great to meet up and ride with you.

OWS - did you get my email? iain said hed be up for it but i havent seen him online in a while…

hiya, sorry i havnt been online for ages cus my computer has been down and ive just been on holiday, the 28th sounds good. robin and steve wont be able to go though cus theyve got work but i should be able to :smiley: i guess ill just get the train down, shouldnt cost that much.

speak to you on msn soon hopefully, iain

Yeah I got it mate, did you not recieve a reply?? I’m not sure to be honest- I’d love to go for the ride, but I’ve got money going out of every oriface at the minute!!! Gingerfreek, do you know how much the tickets are from Leics?

i havnt checked yet, but i think its about 7 quid return to nottingham so its got to be similar to MK.

well you can almost count me as there but ill let u no for sure soon, sounds like a good day :smiley:


OK guys anyone who wants to come, iain and i are meeting up on saturday at MK train station at around 11am.

if your coming down u can contact me on 07963 069437 and we can meet up,


thats so cool, i live in milton keynes, probly can’t come though:(

hey you live in MK? cool didnt know any riders on here rode there apart form us guys from leighton Buzzard.
I can meet up any other time if youwant to ride, i only posted this one up becuase iain and some guys are coming down from leicster,
this isnt the first time ive suggested meeting up in MK surprised youve never seen the posts before.

what do you ride, where do you ride, how long have you been riding etc…?
lemme know when u wanna meet up

sorry about this tom but robin and steve cant make it now:( , this is because robins car is broken (exhaust) and he needs to sort it out on saturday so he cant come, and steve has just came back from far far away on holiday and is knackered + has no money to go. im still up 4 it though but ill be gettin the train now.

hopefully c u on saturday at 11 :smiley:

who elese is goin? we could always reschedule it if u want so we can have a bigger group of riders. or just do this one and then do another one in a couple of weeks wen robin and steve can go aswell.


hey well, im trying to persuade ryan to come, hes got a bit of a cold and is still not 100% with his ankle/foot. when i last asked he sed i dunno…
if its not too expensive for you to come down im still up for riding at least, ive got nothing else to do tomorrow now. so yeah if you can be bothered still, text me 2mo or something ill proabably go up anyway.

we can meet up in a few weeks also, ryan lewis and I go up to ride there usually anyway its ot really a big deal for us apart form finding a day when were all free

well if u go quite often neway i think we shud reschedule it wen everyone can go. as i have very little money as it is. maybe in a few weeks?

ill txt u tonite to make sure that u no just in case u dont read this.


WHAT? WHAT? reschedule?

what do i ride: i ride a 20" unicycle (i think maybe you’d call it a learner/practice one)

where do i ride: i usually just ride around my house or at the alloptment.

how long have you been riding: i’ve had it for about 6 months but i’ve been “riding” for about three ish.

ect: no thanks i’ve eaten.

don’t know when i can meet up i’ll have to get back to you on that sometime.

is it still on tommorow? if it is tommorow, is it tommorow?
if it is tommorow and still on i think i’ll be able to come.

hey noir, you wanna meet up 2mo then ubest check this thread as i shall be sacrificing my lie-in to be in some sort of respectable state of awakeness before lunchtime.

my number is on this thread phone me or text me and we can meet up for a bit in the city u wann meet up about 12 or 1 ish? how old are you btw?

Iain no prob;em mate, shame i was looking forward but itll be better if your skint that u come up when more of are gonna be there, just think if you rob and steve could make it along with OWS, then theres the three of us in LB possibly edd hawkes and i know neil prtichard is proabably around now for the summer and now NOIR thats a haeck of alo of riders, would make a good uni meet