Mike Padial - Three Years

Outdated clips but it was raining today and i was stuck inside so i put them into a video.Hope you like it


Good if it was longer. :stuck_out_tongue:

How high was that static hop at 0:40?

wooooah :smiley:
loved it! especially the awesome static hop and the skinnys :slight_smile:
was that stillstand the 3 minute one?

Nice video. I liked the grind and the big stair gap.

100cm i was getting it pretty consistant that day though so maybe i can get 105.I’ll film for a proper video now

The clip in the video was of the 3min stillstand but it wasnt the whole clip


was too short though! :(:stuck_out_tongue:

bla bla bla

Nice way to pass the Rain Mike. Sweet vid. Like the “speed” still stand.
Got to ride w/J.C. from Ktown last week. Major motivation.
Watched Trials Beg 5 times. Nice…
All the best…onward

welly 10 set was smooth! didnt u do a bigger one at the university?

nice static dude i found it got real hard after 100

I was too tired that day but it was only a 12.Im gonna go back to welly soon and maybe find something bigger.

I’ll think of how high you can static when im next trying to beat my record :smiley:

cool stuff mike :slight_smile: