Mike Padial - Rock Trials

Heres some bike and uni rock trials

so much for quitting trial for flat…

and omg luvin the remix of pants on the ground!!

nice vid

Cool video. Some nice lines, and great skills. Liked the swapping between the Uni and the bike, gives one an extra appreciation of the skill.

Nice to see.

Speed up your lines man :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool vid :)!

CHANGE THE MUSIC!!! It was annoying when he first sang it on American Idol but that song trashed the whole video. I turned the sound of and listened to some other music. Great video other than the music.


Cool video! But why no shin/knee guards? :thinking:

nice video :slight_smile:

Dddiiiiirrrrttyyyyy neeeeddlleezzz

It wasnt a serious video.The song was for laughs

I only wear them for street now.I see no need to wear them for trials

Nice video! I’m very impressed.

Ever since I’ve learned to ride unicycle trials biking has had me interested…may I ask how much a beginner/intermediate trials bike would cost? (think Nimbus unicycle range but bike form) and how different is it from riding trials uni?

I ride a bit of bike trials myself.Its good fun but very hard work when you start off.You can get a pretty decent bike for $1000nzd if you go on ebay or somewhere 2nd hand.Bikes arent really sold in our area of the world so you have to ship from overseas or buy second hand normally.And there isnt really a such thing as entry level bikes anymore cause theyre so hard to find.But i just found a good entry level bike for you http://observedtrials.net/vb/showthread.php?t=36238

im loving those EB frames

the music is awsome!! it rivals the sounds of Dirty Needlez!

Thanks for the info. I missed the part of the video where it showed that you and the bike rider were different people…I’m feeling really silly right now

Ah, I would love to own a bike like that but I’m so short of cash at the moment that I would have to sell my uni to afford it and that’s not happening :frowning: might save up $1000 in a few years though…who knows? :smiley:

[QUOTE= I only wear them for street now.I see no need to wear them for trials[/QUOTE]


Wow that location is awesome! Great rocks and nice view behind. Where is it?

Cable bay,Nelson,New Zealand

I thinks that’s my fav trials vid ever. Love the clean, quick pace and music. quality.