Mike Padial - Mind Freak

Finally finished my video with my new cam.Missing a few clips i wanted but ill save them for another one.

Comments good and bad appreciated

6 set hop :astonished:
ur skills r coming along very nicely man. awsome vid!!

Sweet vid. I liked the first clip and the rail hop drop thing.

looks like your comin up yep. rail drop!!! AHHHHH!! i will do this soon enough dude. cant wait till your here at my house wooooooooooo! we will get condraeggy for suuuuuure.

This is great! You’re amazing at trials.
This is definitely one of my favorite trials videos.

wow sweet vid!!!:slight_smile:

wow mike just wow. everything looked awesome, loving the camera as well!

Awesome mate, congrats!

I said this for Tim, but you deserve it too. I think you’re in the Fabian, Hodges, Schulze category as well.

Wow great riding and filming! 5 stars for sure :smiley:

Great filming and riding! Even the length of the vid was perfect :wink:

don t know what to wirte… really good and amazing skills, especially those round rails (i almost broke my balls with such round rails)

Leave some footy for me :roll_eyes:

Awesome vid…

Thanks for all the good comments,makes me happy :D.Yeah ive got lots of way better lines planned for you wolfgang

freaking badass. cant wait till you get up to joes house so we can ride. i will have to get you on one of my carbon frames :smiley: .

Excellent. Loved the rail riding the most :smiley:
Keep riding

Freaking Schweet man. More epic each vid.

I really enjoyed that.:smiley: I like your style and your high hops. I hope i’m as good as you some day.

Impressive!!! You are a long-gappin’-high-hoppin’-long-droppin’ pedal-grabbin’ knob-hoppin’ Wonder…

Your gaps are amazingly accurate!