Mike Padial - I Quit Trials For Flat

What why?

ahahhaha yeaaaaahhh right. you’re almost to 130cm. but nice job on the flat

and so it begins

The 180Backflip was really nice.

I’m serious about quitting trials.I’ve had enough of it and flatland is easy cause i can be lazy and do at my house

Get your license! Then you can be lazy and ride wherever you want. Sweet standup coasting btw.

good joke :stuck_out_tongue:
you don’t have to quit trials… :p, just do like me… I ride trial + street + a little bit of flat ^^ When the weather is bad, I do some street and flat (in my garage) and when I go out to trial, I do some street between the lines (because it is boring to 'just 'ride from spot to spot. :roll_eyes: )
and it is fun to mix trial with street!
only trial is a bit boring… but only street or flat is A LOT more boring ^^

and about the vid:
nice standup coasting
nice 180backflip


I’m not a big fan of flat. Trials is where it is at!:smiley:

Have fun with flat man. Like I said i’m not a big fan of it, which might be cause i never really ride it.

Sorry, but you ride terribly uggly flatland, so please stick to trials…


wtf dooooooooooooooood you’re an elite hopper.

whhhhaaaattttt ttthhheee hhhhheeeeelllll!!!

No way, I love your trial vids, stick with it xD. But I bet you’ll be sick at flat aswell. ^^

God this is hilarious,

Can’t wait for flat #2

0.0 !!!


how is only doing street boring? street is where all the old skool passion came from (defect and one wheel addiction) and thats wat keeps me in this sport. real street is the best. too bad hardly anyone rides it anymore

haha good support. i bet u get alone with beginners really well :stuck_out_tongue:

teck. street is just boring after a while… I like it, but not for more than 1-2 hours a day (unless I found some good trick to practise on or when the weather is very bad and I have nothing else to do…)
big or old skool street is awesome :slight_smile: but I don’t do it a lot because there aren’t a lot of good spots for it in my town (handrails,sets… ) so I only do it if I go to an other city…

  • I mix it almost always with trial… ( hopping on something and crankflip,spin of it,…):smiley:


Do like Tim said!!!