Midwest Regional Unicycle Competition starts tomorrow

The Midwest Regional Unicycle Competition will begin on Friday night, April 4, 2003, with open gyms and then the competition will begin first thing Saturday morning and last into the late evening with a big party to follow even later. Registration is free at the door so if you happen to be in the area or can make it out, the weekend promises to be a blast!

Check out our website for all the details: http://mruc.unicyclist.com

or give me a call at (815) 562-3876.


I’m packing now!

I’m bringing games, more games, Skittles, Uniracers, and my unicycle (which, unfortunately, still has a flat tire).

What else?

It better be warm there. It’s below freezing today here in beautiful Minnesota.

Beautiful Minnesota

“Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.”


Looking forward to having you here. Don’t forget to bring Kelsey.

Flat tires are no problem. The Edwards Unicycle Fix-it Shop will be open for business.

We’ve got about 300 little 1" bouncy balls and paper bags to recreate the game we played at UNICON.

As far at weather, we’ve ordered partly sunny with about 45 degrees and no rain.



Good luck with the regionals. Make sure Carol doesn’t tape “kick me” signs on your back. When we played water pistol tag at UNICON she taped a water color target to everyone else’s back except mine.

I have recently tried a sort of jump mount onto my Coker which works surprisingly well. It’s more of a rolling jump mount. It gets me on top and stable very easily even going uphill. I saw your clip of the Coker suicide mount. Have you tried a jump or jump type mount for regular riding (as if there were such a thing)?

or I can fix the flat in the van. That wouldnt be a problem either…


I’m sorry the timing didn’t work out better. Alas, I’m at home in North Bend until UA Flight 338 departs SEA Sunday. OK, not really, “alas,” as I’d rather be here than stuck in Warrenville, IL but I really do wish I could have been in Rochelle this weekend.

Tom Daniels

PS - I’m convinced that the whole, “I work for the Physics Department of the University of Washington,” thing from my good friend Dr. Harper is a product of his fertile imagination. How could a person work at anything high tech and still reply to these posts during the work . . . ah, never mind. Pass me another bottle of rootbeer.

What an effort by the Unicycle Uni-versity to host the Midwest Regionals in Rochelle, Illinois, this year!

Good job one and all!

We were impressed with all the organization and work that went into this event, with your talented riders, and with your friendly and helpful club members.

Thanks, Bruce, Mary, and the entire crew!