Mid-Atlantic riders: 18 Hours Scout's Honor?

This is a mountain bike race in central Virginia on the 21st and 22nd of August. I heard from a few friends who did the same race last year that there were a couple guys racing on unicycles. any of you guys on here? there isn’t a category for unicycles listed either on the regular site nor the registration site. i plan on participating in it, but i’m not sure if i’ll do it on my mountain bike or my KH24. i guess i’d be more likely to do it on the uni if i knew other people would be muining it.

i’ll also be posting this to the DCuni mailing list later today.

here’s a link


The riders last year were myself and James Amon (siafirede). My coworker’s dad founded the race. It was a pretty awesome time. We got a cash prize just for showing up on unicycles (not sure if they’ll keep that up though). Unfortunately I won’t be able to ride it this year, but if you do we should grab a beer or something.

thanks for the info!

i was looking through pictures from last year and saw a few of you two and your unis. one KH29 and one Nimbus 36. will i be hating life if i try this on a 24"?

i have a 36, and have ridden it of road, but it keeps breaking spokes and i fear i’ll have to rebuild the whole wheel to make it reliable.

Can you send me some of the pictues from the event? I think I only saw like one unicycle picture.

The 36 and 29 were both mine =]

The 29 was the best for the course in my opinion, but Frank said he enjoyed the course a lot more on his 24 (probably because he never really used a 29er offroad before this event). Go with what you use offroad the most.

The 36 was mostly for fun the first lap, and I did set the record lap out of Frank and me on the 36, but it was sure exhausting to use. I probably wouldn’t recommend using it.