Spotted this on todays posts on german forum, thought I’d show anyone who hadn’t seen it, because it’s kool and It’s be nice to get some reviews :slight_smile:

(ps I know there was a link to the prototypes (something like that anyway… but they didin’t respoond to my email…) of these previously on the forums).

Interesting. I rode my coker just yesterday with my trials strapped to my camelbak for the first time. It worked suprisingly well. I don’t think I’ll do it on a regular basis because it seems like an awful lot of stress on the pastic buckles, but as I was riding I thought, why are there no uni bags? Anyway, the price looks a little steep.

I think ill get one if UDC starts carrying them =)

I also did not receive any reply

I wrote to this vendor trying to purchase one, and they did not write back.

Perhaps the language issue is a problem - I don’t speak/write French.

Has anyone every successfully ordered one of these from them outside of Europe?

Wow, you can get it in rasta colors. Sweet :sunglasses:

they are cool, shame about the price though, it would be cool if udc stocked them

Their crank lengths are an issue. The 20" have crank lengths of 140/160/170 and their 24" has cranks lengths of 125/135/137 . I’m assuming they got them reversed? It also seems like the pedal would jab you in the back.

In which case you could just remove the pedals before putting it in the bag? I’d be prepared to do this. Then you avoid the crank and pedal issue…

It’d be nice if someone could give some kind of reference for them, ie Yoggi… who’s thanked for the pictures, so may possibly know something about them?

There’s a review in issue 4 of Uni… I had an early example of the 20" and its great.

And are they reliable to order from on that website?

I’m sure they are, as it’s the manufacturer.

I have just recieved one of their 24 inch unicycle bags. It took about 7 days to get to me in Vancouver, BC.

Mgypack was kind enough to put ‘Sack Value = 20 EUR’ so Customs did not make me pay any duty.

I was a little apprehensive upon placing an order as their website was confusing. the English portion of their website made almost no sense.

I emailed the company twice and recieved a response after about a day or two. They have just sold out of their 24 inch muni bags and I bought the last one - which was their prototype bag. They will have another production run in a few months.

I paid via PayPal.

On the 24 inch uni bag the bag can be carried as a backpack and it very compfortable - the pedal extrusion does not get in the way as it is off to the side on my hip.

The bag fits my 170 mm cranks with pedal on without any issues.

The quality of the bag - materials and sewing- is really good.

Pics below.

They are really well made.

Very nice. I was investigating getting an mgypack myself. Emailed the guy and he was very nice, although I have no money at the moment.

Is there any room to carry anything else in your 24" pack? Like, any room for tools or water or anything?

They were sold out of their regular 24 inch models so I got their prototype. I do not know if the regular ones have pockets. The prototype doesn not have a pocket. It would be a good idea though!

I stick my leg armour, gloves, allen key, small empty hydration backpack and pump in mine. I strap my helmet around the neck of the case/bag.

A water bottle would probably fit, but it would be a tight fit.

I mesured my unicycle and the wheel is 20 inches (50.80 cm) , the whole unicycle is about 38 inches (96.52 cm). So which of the mgypack would be the best for my unicycle? I did not understand the difference between the 3 bags

my understanding is as mentionned on their web site :
XC20 = 20" long cranks (140 to 170mm) / FB20 = 20" short cranks (100 to 127mm)

i have the 24" model, used it this summer and it’s a very nice bag

thank you

mgypack website new collection

On the Mgypack website, it says that the new collection is comming in april but we are in May and we still cant go on the website, anyone knows when the new collection will be available for purchase??? :thinking: :astonished:

send a mail to them at :