Mexican uni

my 6th grade class got back from Mexico today and we did all kinds of work 4 the poor towns and we donated a uni and this is one of the many kids that trided and got it it was so much fun teaching them 2:)

What a thoughtful donation, Telegirl. It’s a thrill to watch someone else learn to ride. It’s nice that your class donated time to help those in need. You should be proud of yourself and your classmates.





thank u and it was very fun and at least one or two kids learned 2


Harper, skianduniaddict is a bit challenged here… perhaps you should use monosyllabic words to help him out:

Dictionary = “Look it up in a book”

thats a good one:D

I was blessed to be able to go and help out on this trip, as well as about 12 other parents/teachers. Telegirls classmates worked their butts off all week, and raised all the money for the trip themselves, over the past year. Whenever there was free time, those that could uni, would. It was such an incredible time to watch these kids uni in mexico, the trials lines, the focus, and the most rewarding was how they shared the uni’s with the mexican kids. There were no paved roads or sidewalks, so the learning was more difficult on the rough terrain.
By the third day, one of the boys had riding and freemounting down, awesome. The smile on his face was priceless. We left the school a 20" uni; they were very excited to have one. Harper, thanks for the kind words, telegirl really appreciated them.
Here is another pic of some of the older boys giving the 24" a go.

here is the pic

i love u Dad

this thread makes me tear up :smiley:


I love my dad too :slight_smile:

I love both my dads!

This makes me wonder though, how many other familys use this thread? how many other combinations use this forum and uni together? be kool to have a whole family on here lol

i have about a dozen dads…
and a mexican badge…
and an unicycle…
i love it all.

i think this thread is all about me.

congrats on the work with the kids.
and with the dictionary… that was awesome too!

see ya.


sweet.i went on the trip was awesome.the kid in the picture is named Fernando. he learned to ride in 4 days.

thanks u guys r really understandin

hah i showed u guys

yep and i had 2 dance with him at the dance

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