metalic knock in my Torker LX 24"

I an new to the sport, and (happily) received a new Torker LX 24" for Christmas. I’ve practiced quite a bit and thorougly won over. Lately I’ve noticed a very light metal to metal “knock” or “ping” when I pedal or pick up the unicycle and shake it. The sound seems to be coming from the hub area. After taking off the wheel, I can tell that it’s not the cranks. The bearings look fine and don’t have any lateral play. Hard to tell though since they’re sealed.
I’ve read through the threads and know that some people have had trouble with the bearings on this model. Everything runs fine and is smooth as silk. It’s possible that this sound has always been there, but I doubt it. I’ve had a good deal of experience working on bikes, so repairs are not a problem if need be. Since the unicycle is brand new, I would rather get things taken care of when the warrenty is still good.
Any suggestions other than to keep on enjoying?

i had the same problem but it comes and goes…i think it was my pedals becouse i replaced them and it rarly happens now

it happend to me on my uni, and it was the spokes. They were a little loose. You should see it thats what it is. If it is the spoked bring it into a bikeshop and have them tighten them, unless you have spoke wrench.

I also recieved the exact same uni for christmas and i am also just starting out. from the way you are describing… it sounds a lot like what happened to mine. it turned out that the nuts on the bolts that attach the wheel to the rest of the uni were loose. just get a hex key and tighten them. but i’m not sure if thats the situation with yours.

Thanks for the suggestions

Thanks for the input. I’ll check on all of the above. It’s cool to know there’s such an interest.

Caught It!

Add a new one to the list. After trying everything suggested, I found out it’s a loose spacer between the bearing and the hub. Nothing to worry about -I guess.
Thanks for the input,