Metal pedals vs. Plastic pedals for street

lol even cheap metals will stand up more abuse than 99% of plastics.

metal pedals are stronger lol no doubt about it

i use metal pedals but i am going out to plastic

i use my metal pedals and they work fine for me. i’m quite comfortable using them for street ( i don’t do heaps of it ) and grinding with them i find good too. Unfortunately i recently broke one of my metal pedals, now gonna put plastics on it. so i’ll be able to tell the difference better when i get them.

every time you necro-post a baby dies.


and there’s a plastic pedals thread in the unicycle product reviews…

I broke a pair of metal pedals in probably 6 months. I havent broken my plastics with about a year of riding with more actual abuse on them.
I like them for my shins… Weight… Grip and adjustments… Grinding… Price… Color…

Wow, which metals did you use? And which plastics?