Metal pedals vs. Plastic pedals for street

Yeah, why do so many people use plastic pedals?

They use plastics to save weight and so it doesn’t pwn your shins as much if you get hit.

And not to be all bitchy, but you should use the search button before you make a thread because there’s already a bunch of threads with pretty much the exact same title.

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Thanks. sorry about not searching. I just thought it was wierd cause bmxers never use plastic pedals.

I use plastic pedals for street. They save your shins and uni weight, allow you to grind, don’t break anything/make a racket when you UPD, are cheap, don’t tear your shoes as quickly as pinned pedals do.

The only disadvantage is that I’m afraid to do big drops with them, because they can break any second. I use crap little £4 ones. But otherwise they’re great!

Why do sell plastic pedals then and tell (about Wellgo plastic pedals) “Good for flatland riding.”
Flatland fuel sells plastic pedals too and says about KHE Stimulator pedals “Best flatland pedal made.” About Odyssey Twisted Plastic pedals they say "The perfect pedal for flatland and one of the lightest pedals as well. "

Well, what have we learned today? BMX Flatland riders use plastic pedals pretty often same reasons as unicyclist use plastic pedals. I personally use some Wellgo’s plastic pedals (from my bike) for street riding.

Oh, wel i dont ride flatland… or bmx, so i didnt really kno bout that. it just seemed like metal pedals would be stronger than plastic one.

Yeah, plastic pedals don’t burn up or bend as quickly as metal (depending on the metal). Even though i have magnesium pedals on my coker. :smiley: :smiley:

WHAT!!?!!?!? Did you not finish kindegarden or something aluminum is enormously stronger and tougher than the plastic they use in pedals, and it can withstand more temperature to!
<<I’m not the devil anymore<<

I’m not saying aluminium, i’m saying plain METAL. I know aluminum can withstand more temperature. Look at what AUDI make their cars out of these days. :smiley: :smiley:

Aluminum is a metal…

It’s just a preference thing.

Also people who do freestyle/indoor riding often use plastics so the floor doesn’t get scratched.

i use plastics i like them lots

i value the my flesh so i’d go for plastic

but when i get a trial it’s gonna metal

What the F***!!!

Ok plain metal well lets see aluminum is the most abundent metal on the planet so well call that normal metal. you need to reasearch more buddy.

What’s “normal” metal? Iron? Steel? Titanium? Aluminium? Magnesium? Gold? Silver? Copper? Tin? There’s no normal metal. Iron, steel and aluminium are probably most common metals, but are those normal?

Thats why I picked the most abundant. If you want to get technical aluminum doesn’t exist freely in the crust you have to make it. So then the honor goes to Iron which beat both plastic and aluminum in heat absorption and you can also make inconel out of iron wich will knock the shit out of just about everything except doped tungsten.

Maybe i should, but my previous pedals were some kind of cheap metal and they bended and snapped within hours of riding. :smiley:

So i apologize if i’ve confused you in anyway. Maybe i should do my research b4 writing. :smiley: :smiley:

Plastics also seem really easier to flip than metal pedals. I like plastics better than metal, also not as heavy.


Another thing to point out is that the ability of the pedal to withstand snapping is the SPINDAL not what material the outer shell is made of.

Technically, steel is an alloy, so it probably isn’t a “normal” metal.