Merry Xmas - an old family unicycle xmas card

So…I was going through my old photos and found this old xmas card from when my sister and I were in middle school (I’m not sure of my age exactly). It looks like something straight out of napoleon dynamite…I am the awesome goofy kid on the left(note the turtleneck!), my sister on the right (she also looks goofy in this photo), and my brother is in the middle. My brother was SO EMBARRASSED to be in this photo with us on unicycles next to him. My dog - Q.T. - is in the middle.

This brings back some good memories, and I wanted to share this awkward family photo.

Does anyone else have old awkward unicycle related family xmas cards?!?

. . . well now that I’ve got the idea, I will next year : P

I did think about a juggling christmas card this year, but never got around to it. Five clubs cascading in front of a christmas tree would be pretty cool if you got it to match up with the tree : ]

For next year’s card, maybe I’ll dress up for the part better. My little reindeer had fun.

I’m sure you were very proud of your turtleneck.

Haha, you know it. My mom pretty much always had me wearing turtlenecks when unicycling or playing soccer in the Fall/Winter.

mbalmer - yeah you should get a full santa suit!