Memories of 2010

I usually make a video with unused clip of the past year since 2008. I thought I’d make the same thing this year since I had a few of them laying around on my computer. Some of this has been seen before, but I wanted to sum up the year with used footage aswell. There should be a couple of clips that make you laugh or give you a smile, hopefully you’ll enjoy.

Feel free to drop a comment, I’ll be pleased to read it.


EDIT: Gee Matteau was also in the video but I forgot to include him in the rider section. Sorry Gee.

awesome video…very well edited.

haha some pretty funny stuff in there

great edit by the way to! made me feel like i was out riding with all my friends having fun

Hahahaha. Cool video, funny stuff.

Nice video. Watched it twice and it makes me want to ride :P.

I really liked the fifthflip and that last fall was really funny!

haha, that was so awesome :slight_smile: great song choice too.

Yeah dude that was really nice. It was hilarious at the end when you just kept rolling xD.

Thank you guys! I really appreciate the feedback.

That was the most fun video I have watched in a while. Also with some great riding in there. Thank you for making.