Melbourne unicyclists?

I will be in Melbourne next week for work. Any unicyclists want to meet up? I will most likely have my KH/Schlumpf 29er with me.

Sure. We are holding a muni ride next Sunday if you are still in Melbourne. See here.

It would be awesome to have an international rider join us.

Feel free to PM me.

I think I will be landing that Sunday (20th) and be in town till the 4th of March. I probably won’t be able to make it for the Sunday ride, but the weekend after I should have some free time for some muni!

We do have a monthly meet at the Melbourne Museum on the last Sunday of each month from 2pm. No muni there unfortunately but you will meet plenty of local riders.

To find unicycle groups, events and meetings in Melbourne or Australia try the following websites:

UDC Australia

Australian Unicycle Society (AUS)

Well…it looks like I will be moving/relocating to Melbourne at the end of April. I will be bringing all of my bikes and unicycles with me of course.

Looking forward to meeting some unicyclists in VIC!

Till then…I have to go sell my car and tv and other things that will be useless over there.

Hey that’s cool. Welcome to sunny… err… Victoria, AUS! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Pete,

Thanks! Hope to meet up with you at some point. I’ll shoot you a message sometime soon - we should definitely go for a geared muni ride.

Heya cool, though for me it won’t be geared as what was my GUni is now on its way to Canada.

It turns out I’ve got a weird health issue that is keeping me off the uni but fortunately MTB doesn’t aggravate it, at least anywhere near as much as uni, so that’s what I’m pretty much doing for fun these days. LOTS of great riding around Central Victoria, not far out of Melb at all!

I’m now living in Melbourne and as of yesterday, have a KH24 :), definitely up for a ride.


Hey Pete & Pete, I look forward to riding with you.

lunicycle, I’ll shoot you a message soon, it will be fun to go on a geared muni ride with someone from VIC. I’ll have my kh/schlumpf 29 and my two wheeled 29er (santa cruz tallboy ), it will be good to go riding with a local to show me some fun trails.

santa cruz tallboy, sweet ride!

Will you have a car? No worries if you won’t as you can access a lot of the good riding areas via the V-Line trains that depart from Southern Cross station in the city, especially along the Bendigo line - bunch of trails accessible from Macedon, Woodend, Castlemaine.

sweet as pete, pete and james! let’s organise a weekend i’m back in Melbourne for a ride!

Oops missed this post. Yeah I have been riding the tallboy much more than muni lately, so I am definitely down to meet up for a MTB ride. I won’t have a car so I will making use of those trains you mentioned.

I just rode slickrock in Moab Utah yesterday :slight_smile:

Definitely looking forward to riding with you guys, I’ll keep an eye on this thread. I still haven’t had a chance to take the kh24 anywhere interesting, so reeeeally keen to find some trails. I have time off uni from the 22nd of April to the 1st of May. While I’ll be busy for quite a bit of that, I’m fairly flexible about when I’m busy or available. No fixed commitments as yet - mostly study, which can happen whenever.

I must also rely on public transport to take me further than I can unicycle, any recommendations as to where I should start? Any particular area with good trails that are fairly easy to get to from the train lines? I have spoken to a few people who have suggested stuff, but I can never remember place names afterwards… (sorry Matt).

Macedon, Woodend and Castlemaine have trails pretty much heading out directly from the stations. Closer to Melbourne there is Mt Dandenong, especially the Doongalla forest on the west side of the mountain. Boronia station is probably the closest.

Lysterfield has some good trails, you can catch a train to Hallam and then ride up the road for a few kilometres. There is also the option of taking a train to Tecoma and riding south through the Birds Land Reserve which is more pleasant route.

Yarra River has some trails along side it from Collingwood/Kew to Warrandyte. Victoria Park station or Collingwood stations are both pretty close to the Kew end. Great tracks can be found in the Yarra Bend loop near Dights Falls. They come and go with the seasons and parks management.

The You Yangs should be opening soon, if not already. They are about 10 km from Little River station. I have done it on a 26" but it is a bit of a hike. Awesome trails.

The best place to find trails would be this site:

They also have up to date info on closures, conditions, etc.