melbourne trials demo

all of you people here that went to the melbourne bike show( c’mon there must be at least one) must have seen the trials demo on. i think it was great and would like to congratulate the whole gap unicycles team. i even managed to bust my unicycle out the front of the exibition building. hello new trials uni!
these guy jumped over 4 people (one of them me) from a 44 g drum that they got onto via the car roof on the side which would have been at least a 1-5 m gap. great day.


Re: melbourne trials demo

I was there. :slight_smile: It was great fun. I’ll gather some photos from the demos soonish.


the trials demo

hey, i was there too. i was the guy you were lying down next to when we were jumped over by that crazy trials guy! they were all awesome.
We gotta organise a muni ride soon, once i recover from the ride we did on sunday (i am so sore!).

Did you find a new bolt for your uni where you snapped it? it shouldnt be too hard to find.

see you next month at the museum for another ride. bring your brother, he was pretty good too.

Did you guys get to see Ryan Leech riding in the bike demos? Now that was awesome! I got to build a trials course with Ryan Leech. :smiley:

Did you see the line ‘Lindsay’ from the bike trials took in the sunday demos where he hopped 90 degrees and wedged his bike above the ground between the pallet stack and the car? That was amazing.


its a small world

i was there too

those guys were really good

especially that Alex Toms guy

and that 7’ drop to flat ground… amazing

we’ve been talking canadian thinking it might help us being more like ryan leech.