Melbourne riders

If you’re not in Team Insania or don’t go to the Melbourne Museum meet already, please post here. We’d love to meet you! ok kev, you get the gun ready, luke, get the net in place

Like we said, we’d love to meet you! :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll have to wait for the ‘geelong riders’ thread…

I live in Melbourne on weekends though! Work sundays unfortunately.

Anyway, I’m steve, just really started getting into riding last year. Currently riding some noname generic uni from a bike shop but upgrading in about a month hopefully. Into as much street and trials as my uni will let me do.

I cant do a huge amount, just forwards, backwards, sif, jump and suicide mounts, working on rolling hops and stair sets at the moment…

Whats a good sorta street uni can get in Aus, for about $500 / $600?

I Visit the Insania website occassionally, good work guys, keep it up.

I think you should leave an hour aside even for just one Sunday when we’ve got a meet. It’ll be uber worth it.

As for your budget, it’s more than enough for a good unicycle. Go here:


I already go to the museum on the last Sunday of the month at 2 PM It’s really good and about 10 people came last time! And Luke is there! And he’s an awesome rider!!! GO!! I also have it on my signature

I was at the museum last sunday. Unfortunately no other trials riders did, so I’m still wondering:

Where’s a good spot to practice trials in this endless suburb of a city?

The September meet for the Melbourne unicycling gang will be held at the Melbourne Juggling Convention. More info here:
and here:

Hockey will be played if we have the numbers and there will be a coker ride along the Yarra river trail.

The bike trials guys often use the Southbank area. Should be ok during the day, a good place to avoid at night though. I saw a bodybag surrounded by police not long ago down there. On the news they said it was a tourist who had been missing for a while, somehow they found his body in the river.