Meetlocks Magnesium Pedals

I recently purchased these from Amazon:

I’m using them on my Nimbus Oregon 29" unicycle. I needed pedals which provide enough grip in wet conditions, but not have studs on them.

Previously, I used a studded BMX pedal. It tore up the soles of my shoes, and once tore a huge gash in my calf during a pedal bite. I later tried a plastic platform pedal which just didn’t have enough traction.

These Meetlocks pedals are metal platforms. Due to their concave shape, my shoe can settle into the center and grip the edges better. A few dull serrations are around the edges. The grip is perfect for even riding on rainy days. It is loose enough to allow me to change foot position while riding too.

Regarding durability, I have only had these for about 2 weeks, so I’ll have to update this review later. The workmanship appears good. There are sealed bearings which fit precisely, therefore no problems with installation. Magnesium seems to be plenty rigid for unicycle use.

I highly recommend these pedals for general use.

The pedals look good. I usually use plastic, but my feet split in the rain.

Is the weight 206 grams per pedal or for both pedals?

Nice ones!
At the bottom page of the link, it says “pc” so assume that’s the weight for one.

If you want light and plastic and strong, nothing beats the Nukeproof Electron Evo at 354g per pair. In the US, they are sold under a different name/brand, which I can’t remember right now.

That is supposed to be per pedal. I had not weighed them to verify, but it appears approximately correct.

My son uses a pedal which is very similar to that. He took off a couple of the studs though. I gave up on studded pedals following the slashing given to me by a different studded pedal. The Meetlocks pedals help my confidence because I know they won’t try to kill me. :wink:

I just noticed the price just went down on Amazon, to $15.99

Even better, when I was ready to check-out, there was another promotion which applied $4.80 discount, so the total for the pedals was only $11.19. So I’m getting another set for my 20" uni.

pedals .

How can you go wrong at that price? Even low quality plastic pedals cost close to that. Nice alternative.

I agree. Unfortunately, the extra $4.80 discount was good for one day only. The Prime price is still $15.99 though.