medium priced trials unis

im looking for a moderately priced trials uni around 400$ CAN. i was going to get the qu-ax but it will come to near 500 including customs cost. and bedfords trials uni is 500 aswell. is there any other option besides the torker. (ive heard it has bearing finding issues, which i cant afford to have). many thanks in adavence


the torker would be an perfect buy. the 06’s are great trials unis. Alex rim, splined hub/cranks. the torker is a much better uni than the bedford un-splined.

well i kno its better than the unsplined but i was talkin about the bedford splined… ive just heard alot of talk about the torkers being bad for bearings…is there anytruth to this rumour?

No, it’s an over-worked rumor. I and my family/freinds own or have owned 6 splined DX’s over the last 3 years, and the only one that ever had a bearing problem was my first one, I over tightened the bearing caps and the bearings broke within a week. The bearings were a little hard to find, but after I got some* I learned how to tighten it right and the bearings are fine to this day.

If you tighten the bearing caps properly, and keep them maintained, you will virtually have no problem.

  • I can’t remember were I got them, but do a forum search. I believe PDC has a way to get them for much cheaper than what I paid for them.

ok so ill go withe the torker i guess thanks guys

what would be better a torker dx, or put a new splined hub on a un-splined bedford uni??(cuz i have a unsplined bedoford uni and i want to have a splined hub)

Depends on what splined hub you put on it.

If you do, you would probablly have to get a 32 spoke hub, like a KH or Profile. In which case it would be stronger. But realize that you would end up paying $30 or so to get the wheel re-built, on top of the cost of the new hub, and having to buy new spokes.

That might be a better option anyway though, since you already have the rest of the uni…

I would say it is definatly cheaper. I would suggest the koxx one isis hub and cranks as its about the same as the quax and from what I hear it is better.

KH and profile hubs are 36 spoke, i think the cheapest splined hub there is is an old kh or qu-ax hub. Its like 190$ for the KH and like 125$? for the quax. Plus you would haveto get it built into your rim and new spokes to go with it like forrestunifreak said. Over all nuthing compares to a $250 or less complete uni.

Oops, yeah, 36 spoke, not 32.

And Qu-Ax is 48 spoke, so you would most likely need a new rim…

It has been only one guy posting in each of the recent Torker posts about it. I also think its time to tone down the number of “Is the Torker DX any good?” posts, yes, its a very good unicycle for the money.

yes, i have the dx. my bearings broke because my bearing housing was screwed on to tight. and that seemed to break the bearing casing causing it to lock up. so its a beautifyl uni
get the DX