Medical Certificate for Unicon 14


My question is : Do you need a medical certificate for Unicon14 ?

And if yes i have one but it has been done in october 2007, so do you think it is still okay ??

Thank you

no i’m sure you’ll be fine without a medical certificate.

Yeah ok

I need to be sure at a 100% :o

They didn’t asked for one in the registering! I talked with Connie a few times about documents and she didn’t asked for one…

Anyway, I’m carrying one… I’m going alone and in an emergnecy it can help!

I don’t even know what a medical certificate is.

Still though, it might be a good idea to get anyways if its not too hard to get.

A medical certificate (at least here), is a document where your doctor write some lines saying that you are able to do sports. You usually need this document to make UCI ID’s and this type of documents.

Here the document must be in a special paper (with the hospital or clinic logo), and must be stamped with the doctor authorizathion to work (here it’s called c.r.c)…

never heard of such a thing, didn’t have one last time, certainly won’t have one this time. Surely what physical activity you perform is your business, not your doctor’s?

Hmmmm sounds like one of the high school sports physicals they require before you can try out for sports. they make everyone have one because of liability issues if someone has a heart attack or something out of the ordinary.

Exactly! Just to know if you is in perfect conditions, and will not have some health problems during the event.

But UNICON will not ask for one :smiley:

well since most people (including me) won’t have one, you might be onto a winner if you bring one :wink:

I have a good insurance for unicon, no medical clearance tho.
The insurance covers “unlimited” medical bills, some rediculous level or liablity (!2,500,000NZ or something), as well as including competition (normal travel insurance wont cover that), and the usual travel insurance cover too.
Thanks to Cycling NZ / Mountain Bike NZ.

I bought a security service of 60.000 Dollars. I paid 100Us Dollars, and they cover everything too… Id I die they pay 60.000 dollars to my family…
I can go to hospitals and clinics if I have health problems too…

To take an UCI card you need the insurance and the mdecial certificate!