Me Riding Backwards

Nothing too impressive, but I’ve gotta say I’m quite proud that I’ve come this far in just three months of riding.

Looking good, I’ve been riding a few years and I can’t ride backwards.

Nice! Just curious, have you learned to idle, yet? I learned to idle and ride backwards around the same time. Three months and riding backward is quite an achievement. You looked pretty calm in the video. Keep up the good work!

That’s great. Pretty relaxed. Something for me to aspire to, but bet I keep stopping pedalling going backwards too. Bah at being a cyclist!

Nope, I can’t idle yet. My next goal is to be able to switch between going backward and forward at will. Maybe I’ll learn to idle in the process of learning to switch.

And thanks!

I remember the day I rode forward, did a quick, backward half-revolution, then continued forward. I had no idea what I was doing the first 50-100 times I practiced that maneuver, and I kept UPDing. But, once I got it, something clicked, and inside that small motion was the seeds of what would, in the matter of a few weeks, become idling and backward riding.

My advice about idling is: limit the amount of time you spend holding onto something. It is important to let the unicycle pivot left and right uncontrollably…while you’re learning to idle. This cannot be achieved if you’re anchored to a rail, fence, etc.

My guess is that, within 2 weeks, we’ll be seeing another video from you, this time featuring you idling.

Three months and you can already ride backwards that comfortable? Very impressive, I’ve never gotten more than few revs myself.

Lately I’ve been doing almost nothing during my practice sessions except trying to transition between riding forward and backward without touching anything, which has resulted in many unintentional idles. When I fail in my attempt to switch directions but don’t UPD, the result is either a stall or an idle. I’m becoming very well-acquainted with those uncontrollable pivots! My goal is to upload a video of myself riding back and forth five times in a row before winter. I think I’ve started to get a pretty good feel for what idling is all about despite the fact that I haven’t officially focused on it yet.