Me no Dutch

Yeah so as you can see, I don’t particularly speak dutch. Any pointers on how I’m going so far?

I don’t speak dutch too. Maby you’ll find someone in the Nederlands Eenwieler Forum. Wir sprechen hier deutsch (german).

eben :smiley:

Der wievllt. is das jetzt?? im SDMRT warn doch auch son paar^^

Niles… Wheer was your avatar picture taken?

I’ve been to a few festivals in Germany and it looks familiar…

It was Qlimax 06, but its a dutch event. The best dancemusic and -events are in Holland.

I’ve never properly partied in Holland. I fancied going to the Gong family unvonvention in Amsterdam but didn’t have the pennies at the time.

The pic reminded me of VooV… They have the most incredible I’ve ever seen… Full on 3D shapes floating over your head while you boogie. they really are an awesome sight. Another thing is they don’t announce the line up until it starts either which I quite like.

I speak Dutch :smiley:

Ik snack platt

hahaha :smiley: