Me having fun with my broken seatpost uni

Well it finally happened, i broke my Torker LX seatpost.
Sooo i decided to have a little fun with it
see people, you can still have fun with a broken uni
Here’s the link

P.S. I realise this is a pointless video so dont go pointing that out.
I clearly have too much time on my hands:p.

That is one of the stupidest videos I have ever seen. good job.

That was strange… .time to get something better than an LX, I guess.

Are you taking the piss out of codey? (torker frame off bench incedent)

u took that in a less than herroic fashion but u should have seen me when i broke my slalom skis

Haha, I broke the seatbase on mine… seatpost is still intact though

I though u were gonna do a unispin or something when u were riding it with out a seat.

hey thanks. i try my best and succeed, YAY ive made one of the stupidest videos wooohooo

strange like a fox… yeah im going to by Tom’s (tobbogonist’s) old nimbus trials. do you guy reckon that will be strong enough for me? because i dont know.

oh i might be by accident. but i was taking the piss out of shaun on purpose with the 'right off right the hell off ’ thing.

well with me i knew it would happen soon so i planned from it. but luckily my friend was there, or else i would have gotten a bit angry. i assume you were mad when you broke them?

yeah that sucks. i dont know if its the base or seatpost, but i think i broke the seatpost

yeah i tried a unispin but its harder than it seems. i did land a seatpost drop though. hehe.

I’m so surprised i got this many comments in one night. I though i’d get one or two of people abusing me saying ’ oh theres no need for you to make this video’
thanks for making my video seem popular guys. nah just joking.

take off

i thought you did a great impression of shaun… my laughing sounded so gay :slight_smile: good job

you ARE gay
jokes bud aye