Maxxis Hookworm on a wide rim

Hey does anyone know how well the 24x2.5 Maxxis Hookworm rides on a wider muni rim?
I know Justin Kohse ran it on at least an Alex DX rim for awhile, but my rim is wider then the Alex DX. I have the QU-AX DB-45 rim, I can’t remember what the actual width is, I think it’s 45mm?

Anyway, I just want to make sure the tire has enough air volume to handle drops/street riding on such a wide rim.

I run mine on a torker DX 24" (now my dad’s) which has an Alex DX rim and I’d venture to bet it would be even better on a wider rim like the KH or qu-ax (what you have I believe). I even tried putting it on my large marge once but I couldn’t get the duro tire off. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah okay, sounds good.:slight_smile:

I might put it on my Torker DX, I would rather have it on my QU-AX but I might want to use that for muni sometimes. I’m not sure yet.

He also ran it on his 07 KH.

It might not work as well on a wider rim than that 47mm. The next larger size rim I’ve heard of is the Large Marge, and 2.5" is only 63.5 mm, so I bet it wouldn’t work on that rim. (I think a tire’s max width has to be at least 1/4" wider than the internal width of the rim.)

Andy Cotter has a hookworm on a large marge. I rode it briefly at RTL, seemed to work fine. It was pretty nice actually!

I thought it would be cool on a LM, it definitely fits. I just couldn’t get my duro off my large marge to test it.

Good to hear. I just wanted to be sure.
The pictures of the tire online make it look pretty skinny and it had me worried.

Ok. I wasn’t sure what other unicycle he’d used it on.

Sounds good then. The DB-45 is in fact 45mm wide.

To me it looks to have just as much volume as a 3" once you remove the nubs of the duro. Its definitely not skinny.

If you put it on we would all like to se pictures im sure.

I have it on my 24" qu-ax rim, which is one generation before yours, I think. Don’t know how wide it is.

It’s doing great. Except I can’t find a buyer for it.

How about the Hookworm 3"?

Hi Forrest,

I have seen the hookworm in a 3" version. Why don’t you try running that?


I believe you are thinking of the Dyno Fireball, not the Hookworm.