Maxxis ardent 29er

Is the ardent 2.4 29er tire worth getting before the stout wears out?

I’m a bit over 200 lbs, have only a 29er uni (nimbus nomad). The only complaints I have about the stout are when I hop on a slanted surface (of course this NEVER happens on the trail :wink: ) I can feel the tire fold over. Also the tread is a bit on the light side for me. I’ve been running about 22 lbs in the stout.

I’m just wondering if it will make a big enough difference to warrant me getting one before I need to replace the stout due to wear.

Will running a heavy duty 26 DH tube in the stout make a big difference?

I haven’t tired the 29" ardent (or stout) yet but I don’t think it will help you a whole lot (if at all) in the sidewall stiffness department.

For some good info on 29" tires this thread is worth a read.

Using a DH tube will help with tire stability so I would try that first. It adds some weight but is much cheeper than experimenting with different tires.

Will it fit in a Nomad?

Ardent is a great tire, Stout is an okay tire. When I rode a 29er Stout, it was less than inspiring. Now I ride a 29er Ardent and that’s all I need :slight_smile:

But seriously, for muni, a tire is our suspension, our handling, pur traction, so much more of a important component than on a bike, so if you have the cash I’d get the tire.

For perspective, the Stout was the only tire I had to give away for free.

Oh, will it fit? I just looked and I have 1/4" on each side then about 3/4" on top as far as clearance goes. Is the ardent that much bigger than the stout (1/2" wider and taller) ?

My Ardent 29 x2.4 is 2.5" wide, you should allow for an additional 1/4-3/8" per side, so figure for 3.25" between the legs.

Tire radius was 15"’ you should add 3/8-1/2" for clearance, so figure 15.5" from center of axle to crown.

Thanks for the Info, I think it is a no-go, just not enough room in there. Guess I should have thought of this when I bought the sucker, never crossed my mind though. Might have to get a 26 Muni now :slight_smile:

…or a KH, the Ardent fit’s in there.

Tire clearance is one of the reasons I’ve put off getting a Nimbus 29 (that and I can’t afford a KH).

Yes, you are correct. It would be 150 for the frame, then some more coin for a seatpost. I’ve got a message into UDC to see if they will sell their 29 Muni frame. If not then I may go the KH route. It will still be cheaper than buying the KH 29er whole.

I know it sounds crazy but you could ask UDC if an ardent would fit, they might know. Also keep in mind that the nomad has a 38 mm rim and Ben is measuring the tire mounted on a 47mm rim, which will make a little difference in tire size.

I actually did ask them if the ardent would fit, I know, going directly to the source for the information I need is not usually what I do, but I tried it this time :slight_smile: Good point about the rim size, I’m not sure how that effects the size of the tire though ( I know a wider rim seems to make the tire more square shaped, and a narrow rim makes it more rounded ? I dunno … )

I’ll wait til I hear back from UDC.

I took a gamble…

and it payed off :slight_smile:

I had a hunch that the ardent might fit, no one knew anything for sure about if it would fit or not and I figured there was only one way to find out for sure. I picked one up today at the local bike shop and also a HD downhill 26 tube. Slapped em on and it fits just fine, maybe a hair bigger than the stout, but nothing worth fussing over.

Took it for a spin and it was pretty sweet, a much better ride now. Was running 20 lbs and there was no sign of bottoming out or the tire flopping over like the stout did.

So the bottom line is the ardent does fit on the nomad.

I found out yesterday from Maxxis that there are actually 2 Ardents. I have only tried the 2.5 and it is amazing! the smaller one (I think it is 2.3) has good reviews as well.


They have a 2.4 and a 2.25. I’ve only ridden the 2.4. Unless you’re mudding it, it’s a great tire. My current fav.

That Nomad steel frame would make a great 26/29 muni with a disc brake :slight_smile:

Just weld on the brake hanger and get it powder coated :slight_smile:

Opps, yes you are right. It is 2.4 and 2.25.


The 2.5" is the Dissent, which I think is now discontinued (it’s not on the Maxis website anymore).

The Dissent is a WTB tire, not a Maxxis. It also appears to be off the WTB site, and therefore possibly discontinued.

any one running a small block 8 in a 29?

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