Maxxis 20'' Reviews?

I’m looking to upgrade my 20’’ unicycle with a beefier tire and I was thinking about the MaxxDaddy because it comes as a 20x2.25 which is important for me since I’m really looking for the thickest 20’’ not 19’’ I could find.
Currently I use a 20x2.125 which I am disappointed with because I get very little bounce and want to be able to jump higher and have this unicycle last a littler longer. I do mainly trial and work on some flat stuffs. Another idea is the Holy Roller a 20x2.2 a little smaller but more of a street tire with a balanced tread.
If anyone has used these tires before a review would be great, or any recommendations are greatly appreciated

It’d help if you said what type of uni’ing you aim to do with it

Mostly urban trial, since 98% of my riding will be on a paved surface.

I’d save my money and buy an entry level trials unicycle. The super wide rims and fat tires that you see on most trials unicycles just don’t come in 20" form. There’s just not enough bounce in the standard 20" tires to really progress in trials.

Onza has a 2.4 x 20" tyre. Bear in mind that the thicker the tyre you have on a standard rim, it will fold a lot more and probably make your riding even harder.

Also there is the michelin mambo which I put on my old uni when I was learning, but as I say, my tyre folded a lot.

Ps, yeh you are better off getting a cheap trials unicycle (ie the NIMBUS ISIS TRIALS), as this is cheap and as good as all the other trials unis, but much cheaper (with a crank upgrade, eventually).

why do people have this idea?
its so wrong!
it only makes it smoother and nicer to you and the unicycle if you have a nice fat tire.

i have done trials on a normal 20" unicycle and i did fine.

anyway, if i was you I would definitely give the 20" version of the creepy crawler a shot!

From my experience, the 19" tires have way more bounce and have a smooth but sluggish feel. 20" tires have a very zippy feeling that leaves far less room for error.

So I’d say it’s not that wrong. The 19" tires can be run at a much lower PSI, allowing for more bounciness.

it feels bouncy, but it’s really not, i’m telling you that i can do the same stuff on a 20" bmx wheelset… except for gripping stuff, and not snapping rims in 1/2

That was the idea I was hoping for… this ol’ unicycle has about a month to go of me seriously using it, and then will be handed off to my sister who has taken an interest in the sport. Hopefully a bigger tire will take some stress off the rest of the unicycle for further use…

I wouldn’t say I’m better off dropping 250+ right now for something that can “possibly”, key word be slightly improved and add to the longevity of the unicycle for only 20+ S/H.

By the end of July I should be upgrading to something like the Nimbus ISIS Trials for permanent use.

I have seen what you are able to do on your current uni. The nimbus trials with moments will allow you to get much better.

When people say it is ‘cheap’ they aren’t implying it is a bad uni by any means. With the moment upgrade it is less than a pound heavier than the KH. Apparently a great trials uni for the money.

  • but that it is as good as the other top end trials uni, with a cheap price tag as a bonus :wink: .

Totally. Im with you ad. I am torn between the Nimbus Isis, KH 08 (if it ever comes out), and a Koxx.