Max torque on splined cranks?

The title says it. My uni is a 2006 Torker DX.

Also: Using the search I saw 40 ft/lbs was recomended for cotterless cranks. My LBS said it was 60 ft/lbs. Which is right?


it will handle 100 i think, go w/ 60, i have put 100 and they came loose, use some loc-tite, and make sure the cranks are on all the way.

So was that 84.576 ft/lbs for splined and 60 for cotterless?

he said to use 60 for splined. Even 40 with loctite is perfectly fine.

i know my DM ATU hub can take 400 foot pounds of torque… seems my cranks can’t though… as i have broken two sets

At 45 ft/lbs w/ blue loctite the left crank is loosening. (It always seems to be the left crank :thinking: ).

I’ll gradually increase the torque, up to 60, untill I no longer have problems.

Thanks. :roll_eyes:

I had heard about many people overtightening their bearing caps so when my friend asked me to help him put his uni together we put everything to exact spec and its now been about four months and I don’t think anything has gone wrong with it, but he doesn’t ride it that hard so maybe its not so bad to have a bit more torque.