Max Schulze Spring 2011


thats soo good man, i wont say what it is to ruin it for everyone else, but those last few clips looked so awesome. dunno how you get so much air…you’re “the” man max

:astonished: That was SICK! That second one was only off like a curb, I bet you’ll be able to do them flat soon.

LOVED IT! I remember my reaction when you first got the sideflip. Fantastic riding my friend :slight_smile: No doubt riding with you is the greatest thing ever! Loved it! Love you!

-Colby :smiley:

speechless :astonished:


oh my gosh!! thats the coolest trick ive ever seen!! Is it a front flip or a side flip?

It’s kind of both. The intent was a sideflip though. :slight_smile:

The sideflip was so sick. That was complete prodigyness!!! :astonished:

Wow! I read the first comments and knew it would be something amazing, but I wasn’t expecting that! Definitely one of the best things ever done on a unicycle!

That video was so many degrees of awesome, the flips were sick. That gap over those stairs was sheer awesome.

The best video I’ve seen this year.

Amazing. Don’t know what else I should say… I want to see more!

Also, thanks doamono for not spoiling it.

First the Maxwhip… now this…

What could possibly be next???

Just :open_mouth:

How did you learn that? It seems like there are no intermediate steps for working up to it. You either do the whole thing or you hurt yourself.

So I started out using a foam pit in a gymnastics place. It was a drop into the pit so you have more air time to rotate. Also, into a foam pit you have no fear so it’s good to just get the feeling that way by just trying whatever.

Next, I moved on to jumping off flat ground onto a 10" pad in the gymnastics place. I was getting most of the way around:

I only spent one day at the gymnastics place. Over the next 2 or 3 months I practiced into various soft places that were available. Mostly bushes and snowbanks. Once the snow melted I had to work up the nerve to try it into grass on flat ground. I wasn’t getting it close enough and I was beating myself up, so I figured I needed at least a small drop. The first one I landed was at:

It was about a 6" drop down to relatively soft dirt. I actually was not going to try it that day, but I was looking at that spot and practicing run-ins to see if that location would work. But then the guy who is standing in the center of the background walked up and asked what I was going to try. I told him a sideflip but that I wasn’t actually going to try it that day. He then started in and convinced me to try it. I did and I was very close, so I kept on trying.
The first one I landed wasn’t on film because the camera stopped filming due to no more memory. I then deleted some old clips and did it again, this one on film.

So remember, the guy you have to thank for me doing sideflips is that guy standing in the background, who bent his knees every time I prehopped.

The other flips I landed were off a slightly larger drop, maybe 8-10" into woodchips. I actually piled extra woodchips there to make it softer. I landed a lot that day.

So, I suggest to anyone who tries this, to do it into something soft like woodchips, sand, or little rubber bits, because hard dirt, grass, or concrete really beats you up quick.

And remember, it’s just the progression of the sport.

Sweet Holy Jesus, that was absolutely Jaw-dropping. We were watching a nice, fairly darn awesome trials video, and then you were wrong side around all of a sudden! My goodness.
Well Done, sir.

Great video! :slight_smile: I’m pretty much speechless. <3 sideflips BTW, the trials was really nice. :smiley:

Maxwhip, maxflip. That blew my mind!

SICK!! Do it rolling and down some stairs next :D.Imagine a rail that goes off a drop,grind the rail and flip out lol

oohhh myyyy gggggoooddd!!!