Max safe psi in Coker tire?

Save me from spending too much time digging.

What is the “real” max psi in a coker tire? The tire itself says inflate to 32 psi (as I recall). But I’ve read recently that youz guys might pump it all the way up to 60 psi.

Then I also read recently about tires going “boom”.

Obviously, the higher pressure means for a swifter ride on the roads (albeit harder on the boohiney).

I ride mine at the recommended 32 psi.


I think which rim also makes a difference. I’m using the Airfoil and it was much harder to mount the tire than the stock rim. I run 38 to 40 pounds tubeless. Note: tubeless is harder on the tire bead than using a tube.

I have been slowly pushing my pressure up. I am currently riding at 45 pounds. It rolls much better than 32 pounds. I kept it at 32 for a long time, partially because that was what the tire said, and partially because I liked the stability that the softer tire gives. The problem is going uphill. You really grag up the hills with low tire pressure. I’m sure there are others riding with even more air than me though.

I ride mine at 50 lbs and ride exclusively on pavement. When I raised the pressure it rolled with much less resistence. I’m 200 lbs.

Just curious, why tubeless?

I have the airfoil rim and generally run at least 60 psi in my Coker tire. I’m also 290 lbs. so I need the extra pressure to hold me up.


Thanks all.

I’m going to zip right up to 45 psi to start. I appreciate the shock absorption at 32, but lately I’ve felt like I’m riding thru jello. (Especially while gragging up those hills)

Caution will be taken. I consistently have my worst wrecks the very day I increase tire pressure.


Man, and you were hoping up and down on my KH24 with only 20lbs in the tire! :astonished: Fortunately it’s till straight.

I was hopping lightly…

Getting rid of a 524 gram tube for a rim strip and fluid that weights about 200 grams is a performance increase. Not to mention flat protection and manuvers like a smaller wheel. I just slipped below the 200 lbs mark, any more than 40 pounds, it feels too hard.

Actually, I would say skillfully.:smiley: I still can’t hop. I guess it would help if I practiced, but after really putting time into it I hurt my ankles. Haven’t motivated myself to do it since. But, I can consistently roll mount my Coker.:smiley:

if you learn to ride a pogo stick first, then hopping will be simple. definitely worked for me. pogo sticks are pretty cheap too.

I second that, all my friends who could already pogo stick learned to hop relatively quickly. It would be very hard to learn without the ability to pogo-stick I would believe.

Probably sorta like learning to ultimate-wheel before unicycling, possible but not easy.

Rode 20.4 miles of country roads yesterday. Coker psi @ newly reccommended 45.

A little squirrel-ly at first, but once I settled in the decreased tire/road friction was obvious. However, bumps in road more sharply noticed. I wouldn’t want to go far without an air seat to absorb those.

I will definately leave the pressure at least this high for road riding. I might experiment with a little more. But I will only go back to 32 psi for XC or MUni (if it every comes up).

Thanks all.