Max is back !

Well, I’m back from quiting (my unicycle aint for sale no more). I went out today and was really good… reason I went out… The pokémon vid by luke. Totally get me goin… ill post a vid soon… whole new me tho… from double flips… to 1 footers… to my usual 180’s for those who ever seen what i do over sets… :slight_smile: … feels good to ride again !

Post some of your old vids…

Glad to have you back. Cant wait to see your vid. Should have some big gaps/sets in there. =p

That’s funny, because just a few days ago I had been wondering where you disappeared to.


good to have another player :slight_smile: , You made the right choice

thx everyone. Em I cant rlly find older vids… I know there in the galerry under my maxisback acc… but i have a friend section in evolution… so yea… just watch that I guess… when it comes out

Good to have you back! Glad I could help. :slight_smile: