matty's vid

hey guys, just posting this vid up for matty, he shot it a while ago then kinda forgot about it, and just recently finished editing it and put it up on youtube. dont fucking toss over it but please do enjoy it.

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sorry guys im trying to embed this thing, failing epicly as you can see.

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sorry guys, here’s the embeded vid

seat whip grind! :smiley: loved it :slight_smile:

nice riding and editing, I enjoyed to watch

skate boarding to a skate park to unicycle… EPIC! I have not yet seen that many combo moves in succession, great vid!

Nice video. All the grinds were so good, and I liked much the grind seatwhip :smiley:

the can opener is so epic! :smiley:

Can opener?

OMG!!! Havn’t watched it yet, but I have to say I got pretty excited when I saw the thread title! :smiley:

EDIT: I can now go to bed peacefully, my day is complete, thank you can good night.

I’m guessing the seatwhip grind. Thats such a good ledge to do it on, I always wanted to try but I don’t have the right ledge. Sick video, I liked the whole thing!

Yeah almost no one has the right ledge. I think I have one, but it’ll be very awkward

where is your sense of old school trick names? haha. i think it was Dan or Matty who came up with that one

Just making sure :wink:


End of an ERA!?

is he quittin the game?

loved his stuff, if it is the end then i am sad. :frowning:

the “can opener”

well the story of how the ‘can opener’ or as you know it ‘seatwhip’ came about when i did it on this huge circular water tank, and matty’s sister was all like “ohh man it looks like a giant can opener” or something along those lines and we’ve just run with it ever since