Mat feat Rom

Great vid.

I haven’t seen this posted yet, so hear it is.

Very good vid. it was posted in one of the “K1 marathon vid threads”.

EDIT: here: !!! koxx one VIDEO MARATHON next week !!!

I also brought it up in the good ol’ Street discussion thread a few months ago, complementing Mat on his outrageously nice style.

I saw this vid a while ago but Mat Belot is soooooo amazing.I still dont know who my favourite street rider is because there are so many good ones

For me it’s probably Hugo Duguay. I just love his style + the camera angles/editing him and Emile usually get.

I really love then, all the time.

Why do they annoy you? Is it because they just have that much skill?

My favorite street rider would have to be Hugo or Krisz or Loic.

Hahahahaha yeah true.

Wait drugs aren’t cool? I was always told they were…

Beautiful video.

I’m pretty sure pretty much K1 guys don’t do any hard drugs…

Just smoke a few blunts every once in awhile. I don’t see much wrong in that.

Too many flip tricks. I agree with vanpuan, too many k1 druggies.


What drugs other than weed do they do/ name their equipment after?

I can’t think of any.

Argh… I was just at the library and I didn’t watch this…

Oh well, I haven’t noticed many people saying, “Xav smokes blunts? I will too now!”.
Most people are like, “he’s a good rider but I don’t support smoking weed.”

I can’t really put this cleary, but unicycling isn’t the thing that will get you into drugs. There’s drugs on tv and in music and in movies too but they don’t make you want to get blazed.

Btw, ganja does improve your riding…

Lol it does not.

And is this Chris speaking from experience?
I was joking by the way… I ride the same either way. Shitty

Haha, actually, one of my friends (not gona name names here) landed his first 360 unispin while he was blazed.


Bah! Thats no proof. Theres no way I’d try anything other then lowkey flatland if I were stoned. Unless I want some bails for a video.

Why would you not try riding seriously while stoned?

You may be less successful, but I don’t see much harm in trying, unless it concerns grinding a large handrail or something of that nature.

But yeah, I don’t think being stoned helps with riding.

Because when I ride even if I carelessly forget to flip hard enough for some tricks I bail extremely hard.