Marcus Hahn - 1080!

Congrats man. 1080 = epic

Insane! I can’t believe how many people are doing 1080s!

I already commented on facebook, but watching again, I noticed you caught it by the seatpost :open_mouth:

bahahahaahaha Marcus is just such an animal. Catching the seat was too easy, so he grabbed the seatpost by the horns! Way to go Marcus!! And I kid you not, this is the steeziest 1080 unispin to date. You freaking Karate Chop the air and catch it with the other hand! hahahahaha loved it bro :smiley: :smiley:

hahahahahaha :smiley: or maybe the most skeatchy 1080?

did you get flat thats what it looks like?

Hahahaaaaaaaaa catching by the seat post! Maaaaaaais styyy!!!

I got some envy going…!
Congratulations on that