Marching Downhill

With the days getting longer we’re venturing outside our indoor practice area. Last night several of our of kids were trying to ride down a steep grassy slope. About ½ were successfull so, of course, the old guy had to give it a try too.

The first couple times as I started riding down the slope I was seated normally with most my weight on the seat. I couldn’t hold the upstroke of the braking pedal and the uni would fly out if front of me and I would end up chasing my uni down the hill.

Then I grabbed the front of the seat, stood on the pedals taking my weight off the seat, and marched down the hill and made it down the first try. This is the same stand and march that I have used for climbing. As long as my tire could hold the hill, and not slide out (I have grass stains from landing on my arse to prove it), I made it down several more times.

Anyway, this may be old news to you but it was an “ah-ha” moment for me.

Thanks I needed that…

Thanks for this insight. I’m going to put this on my list (yes I have a real list) of things to try.

Steve, we’d like to see a recreation of the event at NAUCC, please…grass stains and all. :slight_smile:


Are there any hills in Minnesota that don’t lead to a river?

Here’s a teaser for ya. (I was already dressed for work so I couldn’t do a “full figured” pic. Besides, I don’t think anyone in my family would condescend to photographing my backside. We do have standards you know).



Thanks Steve, I wish you’d have posted this last sunday - it might have helped the downhill crashes on monday !!!