March Break Goals

March break is coming up and the weather is supposed to be nice and warm for the most part, so I’m hoping to do a lot of riding. I have a few goals im hoping to meet over the break.

  • 360 Unispin
  • A good start on crankflip
  • A good start of WW
  • Hop up this ledge near my house, it’s about 50 cm (Rolling SI and static SIF)
  • Ride backwards with ease
  • Hop up a 4-set with ease

I’m also hoping to make a movie

Anyone else have making any goals or have big riding plans?

I’m makin a movie with my girlfriend and I’m going to land some fresh combos for it as well as an invented trick hopefully, woohoo!

wow, that could be interpreted really badly

my goal is to go riding since its been to cold to ride in the past month or so, skills wise,
Crank grab
hop higher
learn to glide
maybe other stuff

Haha, my break starts on saturday (Kevin is here on Sunday when it will really start.) So i have 9 days to rip Goals include.

  • Wicked cool flips down nice sets.
  • Getting back into tech grinds.
  • 5-9 clips for my serious movie.
  • A whole spring break film with Me, Dallas, Keaton, and Kevin, including awesome footage and cool fun hangout footage.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. Vague right?

Stop sucking.

Hahahaha!! :smiley:

Aw, I don’t get a March break…not even one day off in March either. I am going to Moab though. I don’t have goals, I just do whatever I feel like at the moment.

HAHAHA true true

Do my taxes! :astonished:

Put as my sig and im going to destin Fl. Gonna make a vid and unicycle some. Cousins too

I’ll be in Hawaii for my spring break but I will be able to take my uni with. So my goal is do some sweet riding in Hawaii and enjoy the better weather they have there than I have here.

I’m going snowboarding for 4 days, but hopefully on the other days I’ll be riding.

-get back my high pedal grabs…(I was failing at pedal grabs when I could tire the same table) I still have the height though.
-land 360 unispins
-increase 180 unispin off stuff height
-uni seat posts to reinforce and weld back together(not riding related…)

not that I get any days off, unfortunately.

Go roller blading in my daisy dukes.

…Oh wait I don’t get a spring break, I’ll just end up doing my taxes too =(

I’m gonna teach two people how to ride over break…that is my goal, to successfully teach them (:

I don’t have spring break but I do have Moab so I will go to Moab and my goal will be to go to Moab.

Also is it Moe Abb or is it Mobe?!?!

Moe Abb, two syllables.

Moab munifest, duh!