Manayunk Wall

In Philadephia, Pennsylvania, there’s a fabled, steep hill called the Manayunk Wall. It comprises part of an annual bike race called the Philadelphia_International_Championship.

We were in town for a wedding and I’d brought my KH24 just in case. Well, my brother-in-law and I got a chance to climb it on Sunday morning. It was pretty steep, but only about a half-mile long. The overall grade is about 12%, but it flattens at every cross-street and then steepens dramatically after crossing, plus the sidewalk was pretty broken-up for an added challenge.

It wasn’t too hard on a KH24, (I’ve raced Mt. Equinox twice, which is a 12% average grade for 5.4 miles). I did it pretty easily without a break, but I definitely broke a sweat. It would be an accomplishment on a short-cranked Coker.

Anyone ever done it?

Nick was on the cover of the Philly metro for doing it on a coker.