Male related issue

not trying to be too vulgar, but how does everyone here deal with extreme sack poundage? it seems that my bits tend to get compressed between the seat and me, any help? I try adjusting myself when I ride to no avail, tried the air seat mod, and while it does help a significant amount, it doesnt take any pressure off my balls.

A pair of compression shorts helps no end. Also, how are you sitting down. I tend to sit at the front of my saddle and slide back into it, which leaves the fellas in front rather than under me.

Good illustration lol. I use biking shorts for longer rides and that helps keep them up and out of harm’s way. You just have to position them beforehand. Otherwise, just sit on the front of the saddle and slide back like Pseudonym suggests.

Whatever you do, don’t wear biking shorts without positioning first, because then the fella’s are straight beneath you, with no way to move out of harm’s way :frowning: Makes for a bad day.

Yeah, there’s SIF, SIB, and BIF! (Balls in front!:p)


I don’t necessarily sit on them, I’m not a sado masichist. They are in front, I guess I lean towards them a bit much, would any kind of athletic support of cup help? I have some pretty nasty results from dropping off a curb only to have my balls break my fall.

Well then you’re not jumping the right way, as your “boys” should never impact the saddle on a drop! 100% of your weight needs to be squarley on your PEDALS during and at the moment of a drop, gap or jump! Let me emphasize that: You need to be UP OFF the saddle on ALL drops, gaps, and jumps. And no, a cup will not work for unicycling…unless your never sitting down, which would defeat the purpose, lol. A cup is completely and utterly UNnecessary if your form and technique is correct. :slight_smile:

I wear a Speedo under a pair of padded bike shorts. With this combo, I have NEVER had any issues. Bike shorts alone are no guarantee for me. The speedo keeps everyone tucked up and out of the way, and the bike shorts eliminate any chafing on the thighs… now if I could just keep my calves away from the wheel and my hands out of spiny plants.

Make sure your sear is adjusted properly. I can stand on the balls of my feet, and ride along without having my weight on the seat at all, which is what I do before I pull the seat out to try seat in front. And mine is not lower than normal, it’s just where it should be for the slight bend of the knee.

I also wear bike shorts, these will not only help your jewels, but also prevent rashes from the seat when you do hops and the like.

I had a problem at first, where I kept squishing my right “friend” it was just an issue with how I was sitting, and the fact that I was not wearing my bike shorts. With bike shorts on, I never have this problem. And if I wear jeans or other pants/shorts, I still pinch it occasionally, which sends a very weird feeling up my right side through my hip (It makes it feel like my balls have retracted)

Also, if you can stand up on your pedals, and still pedal forward, then you can use that to readjust if you’re having problems while riding. That way you do not need to stop.

BTW, if you don’t know about bike shorts, don’t wear underwear with them, it will be a terrible experience. They’re made to go nude! Alright!

EDIT: Oh, and if you just happen to have over-enlarged testicles, then you’re SOL.

Interesting - I use padded bike shorts when riding, but they don’t always keep my junk out of harms way when mounting. The tip about wearing a Speedo is interesting, I may have to try that.

Doesn’t that apply to most of us (male) unicyclists? :smiley:


and yeah i highly recommend bike shorts/compression shorts! trust me it will be a great investment, and your friends will thank you!
(compression shorts are cheaper, but bike shorts work a lot better)

It is true that unicyclists tend to have bigger balls, but are they larger in the first place? Or larger from swelling?

If bike shorts don’t do the trick then duct tape will, or maybe super glue.

But seriously folks, bike shorts rock! Every time I get lazy and decide to NOT wear them I quicky remember why I DO wear them. :astonished:

And if your afraid of your legs getting cold, maybe try some bike leg warmers, I believe they have then in different degrees of thickness.

I haven’t yet seen the need for bike shorts. I ride a trials Nimbus with a KH street gel seat, which is -really- comfortable, and jeans with boxer-briefs to keep 'em up out of the way :wink:

The briefs sound like a much better idea than jeans and straight boxers.

I meant boxer-briefs, which are slightly longer briefs shaped like boxers.

Yes I know what you mean, and I’m saying that it’s a good idea :stuck_out_tongue: