making the hs33 more powerful

Utah is pretty steep. Any I’m used to doing 1-finger braking on my mtb. So I was surprised to find that my KH24 wanted 2 fingers (oooh, that sounds all kind of wrong). With a V, the biggest easy/cheap way to improve power is by changing the pads. Here, though, seems like I’m stuck with Magura pads? Are the red ones more powerful than the black in dry conditions?

It actually seems like there’s a fair amount of just “spring” pressure to overcome before the braking engages compared to what I’m used to. Will that diminish when my brake ages?

Will a brake booster make much difference on my KH 24? That seems a bit hard to believe, and come to think of it, I’m not sure if it’ll fit on with the KH mounting hardware.

If it’s springy, then it sounds like there is some air in the line. Have you tried bleeding it?

If the pads are brand new, then you might still have some of smooth surface from the mold on there. It might be worth using a bit of sandpaper on there just to get past that.

The Magura pads do come in a few different flavors, for different grip, braking surfaces and wetness, but I can’t remember which is which - but I’m sure google knows :slight_smile:

Also, what rim have you got? If it’s the KH rim, then it should have a machined braking surface on it, but not all rims have that.

fwiw, I’ve got water filled Maguras with red pads and a Halo Combat rim with no braking surface, and whilst the brakes may not be lockable on the steepest of slopes, they are more than capable of stopping me on anything I’ve got the confidence to ride.


Not a cheap solution, I spotted this yesterday. Apparently 25% more powerful than a standard magura HS33. Add some extra grippy pads from a trials specialist and it’ll be awesome


As far as I know, those won’t fit unicycles with Magura mounts.

Regarding boosters, didn’t you just reply to this thread? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hansc is right, I should have looked at the Magura website, they’re only compatible with special Magura bike forks. Shame.

+1. Sounds like there’s air in the line.

You may also want to move the calipers closer to the rim so they don’t have to move as far to engage.

IDK. Once the pads hit, it doesn’t feel spongy at all. But if there should be extremely little resistance up until the pads hit–like a good hydro disc brake, and if that would be improved with bleeding, then I’m sure you’re right. Remember, I’m really wanting 1-finger braking like on my bike.

I like the idea that the brand new pads will get more powerful and it makes sense to me. Is that a universal experience? It is a machined rim.

Good to hear about other pads being available for Magura. Any recomendations?

Also, the +/- dial, does that change power or just engagement point?


Have you got a spooner - makes braking nicer, more consistent, and makes it easier to single finger brake, or two finger brake on the really steep stuff. I like single finger braking personally, as with two fingers I don’t feel like I have a solid grip on the seat handle.

The ± dial moves the pads in and out, nothing else as far as I know.

When the pads are moving onto the rim before they hit, on every set I’ve used, it has a bit of resistance, but not masses.

Worth checking if the line is kinked at all, that makes the brakes very hard to push in.

I use trials pads on one unicycle, and have used grey and black pads on the other, I don’t notice masses of difference between them all, but it is worth messing with.



What are trials pads? Made by magura? What color? I have got the spooner and I like it alot.

Magura makes a number of different brake pads for HS33s. There are red trials ones and also Green Koolstop ones too. However I would recommend against using the red ones as they are too grabby and you lose all that nice modulation that you got Maguras for in the first place. They are fine for biketrials riders, but suck for unicyclists IMO. I haven’t tried the green ones so cannot comment on them.

The standard Magura brake booster will not fit over a 3" tyre. In fact you have to cut a part of it off even to fit it over a Nimbus Nightrider tyre.

Have you worn the pads in? (There is a plastic-ish surface on them when they are new.)

Otherwise I would say look at other pads - easiest to find. A booster will also help quite a bit allthough boosters that clear 3" tyres are rare. A booster will also remove the spongy feel (if it’s not caused but air in the lines of course).

So really nothing that hasn’t already been said, but I thought I’d chime in cause I’ve tried both approaches and can “vouch” for them making actual real differences (granted the different pads where on a trials bike).