Making new handle

I’ve been riding the kh freestyle handle for a while and like it but my seat is getting chewed up easier. So I was thinking of making a new handle. What I’m thinking is somthing like a freestyle handle that comes out about a 0.5". Maybe a reeder style handle brought in a whole bunch and curved. Any Ideas.

I think the curved would be good for your hand, rather than a straight handlebar style handle.

make some bumper guards!

Some form of smaller handle would be good, but I don’t find myself using the handle in a traditional handle form. If someone could style a handle that ran down the side of the seat, that might be good too. Oh,…wait, that is what the edge of the seat is for. Sorry, never mind!

SW bases have the option to have SIF handles.

Or just get some tubing and slide it over the edge.

Ok I found a small strip of metal 3.5" wide and around 3/16" I bent it to fit and wrapped some tubing on it. It’s alright If I could maybe curl over the top part it would be nice. I’ve also thought of modifying a miyata/lx handle to fit couase thy’re not bad… Off to the work shop AKA basement.

please post pics when you are done. I’ve wanted to make a handle for seat too