making an impossible wheel?

i have the tire and rim but where do i get the things your feet go on, i was thinking about pegs but doesnt your wieght have to be lower

You can use pegs but its harder. You can get really nice platforms from Send Darren an email.

thanks, thats all i needed, and your videos made me want one of these, your my new idol for the day

These worked just fine for me


picture was too big last time so i had to change the size

hmm, how much are the real ones from bedford, if theyre too much ill have to go to homedepo and find something

You can look on the pricelist on the website. Remember all the prices are in Canadian money so it will look like it is more than it really is.

You can also make foot plates yourself. I took just some thick metal plate and little welding and there they were, good plates and almost free :slight_smile:
Those arent too good pics of the plates really but you can see them somehow atleast.

Or you can buy mine $100 + shipping

Or mine for 20 dollars canadian plus shipping.

But pdc is selling the whole thing, not just some little metal things.