FOR SALE: Bedford Deluxe BC WHEEL with the now famous Evan Plates

I bought it, I tried it, I fell, now I’m selling it. PM me if you’re interested.
It’s in excellent condition.

bc 001.jpg

how much

includes superb EB plates

I might want it!!!

It used to be mine then I traded it to Evan and he sold it to Phil and I want a 20" again:D Depends how much you want for it though since I already bought it once (its the one on the left of my avatar):wink:

what counry do u guys live in im in perth and theres none there and how much is that tyre?

how much

PM me if your interested :slight_smile:

$125 shipped to your doorstep (in USA).

What do these magik evan plates do

They are very strong, and they are easier to hop with. Evanwill probably chime in pretty soon.

Evan doesn’t read the forum much anymore but I can tell you a little about them. The plates are really light, strong and they are dropped down .5" farther than bedford plates so the bolt goes on top of your foot instead of in the side. The part where your foot goes is really small so for me it is less stable to stand on but some people really like them. The fact that the bottom is small is made up for by the lightness.

Still available Will take $120 delivered in USA

ill buy the plates

would u sell it without the plates? if so 4 how much?

Well I got an offer for the plates and an offer for the wheel. I want $100 + shipping. How about $55 for the wheel and $45 for the plates. But I don’t want to split it if I don’t get a deal on both.

is the wheel in good condition?

It’s in great condition

srry I don’t think ill get the wheel. Ive decided 2 save up 4 a CF base/reeder style handle or spend it on other stuff.


What are the wheel components?


What was your final offer on it?