Making a slick from a Try All Sticky

hello, i’ve got a very used Sticky and i’d like to make a slick of it.
Does anyone know a good way to do this ?
I’ve tried already to file the grip oof but it doesn’t work good.
please give me some tips :thinking:
thanks already

(sorry for my bad English):o

Use a cuter to cut all the nobs off.
Then sand whats left of the nobs away with a sander.
Denk effe na he Marne;)


I’ve already tried that but the rubber is really not easy to cut it.
it seems very easy but it isn’t

|k heb al de noppe aan de zijkant er al af geknipt met n tang maar k krijg de middelsten ni weg|

try a belt sander. I think spencer did that? (correct me if I’m wrong)

just do a bunch of burnouts and it will become smooth

Yeah, Evan and I did it with a luna so a try all should be very easy.

It looked something like this…

that is one hardcore belt sander you got there

I just found that picture with google. The one we used looked kinda like that.

Hey Spencer, how was the shaved luna? I’m thinking about doing that to my luna and getting a sticky for trials but if there is absolutely no difference then I won’t bother.

The obvious question: won’t a shaved tire not last very long?

Lunas last forever anyways.

Yeah, we had to take so much rubber off that tire if I used it on a uni it would wear way too fast. I have it on a bc wheel so it wears much slower. Uni tires wear really fast in your hopping position so that shaved tire would not last very long.
The try all rubber wears faster than the luna but because of the tread you don’t have to shave off nearly as much rubber.

How about…Not take 5 hours to shave a tire, which wont last very long anyway…And get a already slick tire and put it on a bmx rim?

Too bad that Hoggy-G tire only comes in 24"…

Well the Hoggy only comes in 24 but the same company makes a 20" version, it is called the Twenty-G.

two words: end cutters.

should be all of $7-10 at a hardware store.

//edit: cut the knobs down/off, it’ll take a while but probably not as long as all the sanding would.