making a road uni

My uni goes to slow so I thought it would be awsome to equipe it with gears. The only way I could see it working though was on a girafe, but I still could not see where to put the shifting gears and the shifter. I would prefer to have a regular sized (a few feet tall) uni with gears. The problem the gears would have to be small so I wouldn’t get going as fast and I wouldn’t know where to put any of the gears or the shifter. If anybody has built or boought or has an idea about building or where to buy please don’t hesitate to inform me.


Logan :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind cruising on a giraffe that had a super-tall gear for tearing ass, especially if it was a micro giraffe. haha.

Shifting is tricky. A fixed gear setup is possible, however…

wow, only 2 years for a reponce.

Not just that, but an apparently early alter-ego for old Logan A. I believe he was from Ajax, and that type of post looks familiar.

This was before he learned how to generate a flurry of activity around his posts. :slight_smile:

Tom, i thought i was on your ignore list. its been so long from quote to quote.


i tryed to build a girffe out of a regular bike but the shifter has to much slack and it didnot work

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