Making a BC.

Hey 2 days ago I got an Alex rim for the back of a trial bike but apparently is would not fit the bike so i am going to turn it into a BC and im also putting an Echo Supa 20x2.5 tire on it. Does it matter if the sproket is still on? Or could i take it off or go to a bike shop and get them to take it off?? Its a Monty Quando Hub and an 19" Alex Rim.

Tell me what you think?


First off Isaac, the tire won’t fit on that rim. You need a 19" tire for a 19" trials rim. Secondly you really will need a 14 mm front axle. Using a rear one is possible but it will make your bc unbalanced and will likely hurt you.

I would recomend heading out to the Bike Dump and picking up a cheap 14 mm front hub from them (I bought a whole wheel for 35), and then I know Fosters on bank street can order 19" luna tires for you. Just tell them you need a replacement tire for the Norco Muni and they should be able to get it. (they don’t know what a 19" trials tire is but if you ask for the tire for the Norco Muni they will know what you are talking about).

Hope that helps.

Wups I just checked out the Echo Supa and it turns out it is infact a 19" tire so all you need is the hub.

I know that the Tire will fit the rim and I am having plates made for me by a welder in my town. And I can still ride if the sprocket is on it because right now i have a junky one with pegs and it was a sprocket and i can still ride it.